Career & Leadership Coach, Korn Ferry Advance

As a member of the Korn Ferry Advance team Ms. Olson brings excellence in coaching best practices theory and innovation to career service delivery.

Ms. Olson possesses a deep understanding of human behavior, a keen ability to strategize and generate ideas, and a broad foundation of talent management / career management expertise to her work. She has a three-fold commitment to clients: Deep listening and respect, challenging them to move past obstacles, and belief in their greatness. Ms. Olson has a knack for business and career branding and enjoys working with clients around identity and achievement.

As a licensed psychologist, Ms. Olson focused on business psychology, working in leadership development within a Fortune 500 company's Management Development Center and as manager of an employee assistance program for a large healthcare corporation. After training with the Co-Active Training Institute, Ms. Olson launched a boutique coaching, training and consulting firm specializing in understanding human behavior; helping leaders and organizations achieve their potential. She has also worked as a graduate level professor of coaching, and led the co-design of coaching curriculums for start-ups. Her significant contributions led to one start-up's acquisition by a Silicon Valley tech giant.

Ms. Olson holds a Master's Degree in psychology / human development. She is a licensed psychologist emeritus, business psychologist, master certified coach, and certified professional co-active coach. She is also certified in various personality and career assessments.

A self-help and business author, Ms. Olson has written two e-books, The Talent Map and The Prospering Bohemian, and is currently completing a book about overcommitment and underachieving.

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