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Defining your compensation strategy is a crucial component of your talent management strategy. To attract and retain talent, you need to design a practical and cost-effective plan that meets both the needs of your business and your employees.​

Korn Ferry's world-leading pay solution links compensation and talent management, so you can turn raw pay data into invaluable compensation insights​.

Each year we collect comprehensive data and analytics from over 26,000 companies in 150+ countries worldwide.  We also help to maximize workforce potential by closing individual, team, and organizational gaps in reward programs, covering all aspects of pay with a comprehensive database that you can use anytime, anywhere, to make all of your essential pay decisions.

2023 Salary Benchmarking and Compensation Data Now Available

Benchmark your organization against others, design a competitive compensation strategy, retain your best talent and get 2023 pay data.


What we do

We enable clients to make intelligent, data-driven choices about employee rewards with the most comprehensive source of employee compensation data and benefits. We also analyze internal and external pay practices and benchmark against competitors by industry, size, market sector, and country. 

  • Reliable compensation data

    Leverage the world’s most reliable and up-to-date compensation and benefits data. We collect information directly from over 26,000 companies in 150+ countries and refresh it multiple times per year.

  • 24/7 access

    Whether you need to make decisions on hiring, mergers, expansions, relocations or restructures, our web-based data and in-built tools and analytics are on hand 24/7 to provide the answers you need fast.

  • Data visualization

    Examine trends and explore insights for a role, industry, or market in the way that you want to see data presented. Access compensation surveys, slice and dice our compensation and benefits data or download an interactive report to gain even deeper insights.

  • Market-leading insights

    With cutting-edge analytical capabilities, our pay and rewards insights empower rewards experts to build competitive pay packages that attract and retain transformative talent.

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How we help you

Timely access to compensation data is at the heart of your total rewards strategy. It is an essential element in your effort to competitively retain and recruit top talent and outpace the competition. Put simply: we give you the critical answers you need, for your most pressing compensation questions.

Benchmark against the market and competition

Quickly and securely upload your pay data to our platform. Then compare your compensation and benefits packages across individual roles, countries, industries, and peers. Use our interactive map to view the compensation survey data we have, country-by-country, across the world.

Create custom job grades with our proven methodology

Create job grades for unique roles within our analytics suite and align these to our database using our proven job evaluation methodology. Then run reports and analysis against your data for meaningful insights.

Reward performance

Identify how performance, tenure, and compensation are linked to pay. Compare how you reward high and low performers relative to grades.

Design fair and equitable compensation

Determine if pay is directly proportional to the size and complexity of a job. Categorize and compare jobs by leveraging the world’s most used Job Evaluation methodology.

Adopt a data-driven approach

Access our compensation surveys to see the latest compensation practices, economic trends and indicators, and talent movement in relevant markets. Leverage this data to inform a comprehensive and effective compensation program.