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The landscape of the investment management consulting is changing rapidly. With a dynamic landscape of competitors, technological disruption and a record number of mergers and acquisitions, investment managers need proactive and agile leaders to navigate industry headwinds. Firms that lack holistic executives with strategic, solutions-oriented mindsets will be left behind. In short, it is critical to ensure that your firm has the proper talent to execute your overall strategy.

Businesses need to hire and retain leaders, and identify successors, with the expertise and experience to lead them through complex challenges like globalization and product evolution. We offer investment management consulting services to asset managers, wealth managers, hedge funds and alternative investment firms, helping them recruit, develop and maintain a workforce equipped to thrive in rapidly changing environments.

Where we can help

Your results are what matters. Human capital is at the center of digital transformation sweeping the investment industry. Finding ways to maintain margins, scale, grow revenue and transform has never been more challenging. We offer solutions to help you build the necessary human capital to thrive in this environment though a range of outcome-oriented organizational solutions. Below are key examples of the client challenges that we tackle.

Meeting diverse and visionary leadership talent needs

Investment managers are scaling quickly while rapidly evolving. Finding diverse and transformative leaders to oversee the breadth of changes is a significant challenge. Our investment management consultants can help you find internal and external talent.

Identifying up-and-coming leaders based on their leadership potential rather than their expertise is now becoming the norm. We give investment management you the tools you need to identify tomorrow’s leaders within internal talent. Externally, we help you source and recruit talent by creating new, unique roles and articulating a clear vision for employee development and growth. And given our global reach, we also identify new sources for talent around the world, particularly given the rise of Asian markets.

Facilitating digital transformation

The investment management industry has reached maturity and leading firms leverage technology and big data to find pockets of growth. Meanwhile, new competitors are emerging from the technology industry and startups. Many organizations struggle to keep up with the pace of technological change, and a lack of technology know-how, a key barrier to their strategic growth. 
You need talent capable of excelling in the new future of work in the investment management industry. Our investment management consultants can help your investment firm accelerate its digital transformation in all HR-related processes. We help businesses develop a talent profile that defines the skills and core capabilities essential to excelling through change. 

We also help you address shifting job requirements. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to reskilling and upskilling employees, particularly with the varied skills gaps that exist in a multigenerational workforce. We can help you build strategies to close those gaps and strengthen your employees’ skill sets.

Building an engaging employee experience

To compete in the global marketplace, investment managers must not only recruit top talent—but also retain it. To ensure their workplace motivates and enables employees to reach their peak levels of performance, investment firms need a clear value proposition. 

Our investment management consultants work with you to deliver powerful employee engagement strategies. We enable your business to attract talent in tough global markets with competitive compensation and rewards strategies, plus learning and development programs that set you apart from the rest.

Let us be part of your success story. Contact us and see how we can help you build a stronger organization.

Let us be part of your success story

Contact us and see how our industry expertise can help you achieve your business goals.

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