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In the last few decades, the private equity firms have expanded its reach, moving from leveraged buyouts into venture capital funding, angel investing and turnaround endeavors. As deal sizes continue to grow and as the competition for those deals intensifies, so does the potential for talent-related challenges. When a private equity firm takes over a business, it must focus not just on operational improvements but also on talent and leadership development—at scale—to drive returns.

Competition in the industry makes it increasingly hard to find skilled leaders and talent with the requisite skills. Compounding this problem is the skill sets needed for success have shifted. Leadership in successful firms is less hierarchical and more collaborative and agile than ever before. Private equity leaders must master a variety of competencies: generating deals, managing due diligence, setting strategy, managing operations and advising institutional investors on complex investment approaches. And they must show a sense of urgency and be able to operate in high-growth environments that are constantly changing.

We work with founders of investment firms and the management teams of portfolio companies to execute talent strategy initiatives. Our private equity consultants help firms place investment professionals, capital raisers, operating partners and other crucial roles. We also serve as relationship manager and sponsor coverage advisor for private equity portfolios for search and advisory work.

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Your performance and results are what matters. We partner with you to continually evolve and optimize to reflect the changing needs of your business. We help our private equity clients address challenges like these.

Creating a leadership pipeline

Although the private equity industry is relatively young, its pioneers are aging. That means PE firms need to start succession planning, but inertia and the golden handcuffs of compensation often discourage future planning. Many firms lack the leadership talent they need to take over—and those that have cultivated internal staff may not have the skills needed for digitalization or other future trends. With many leaders reluctant to leave their roles, younger employees may not be able to envision a career path with their firm and prospective candidates may not be interested in joining a firm where their upward mobility is limited.

We help you find and prepare your next generation of leaders. Our private equity consultants design and implement succession strategies for internal and external talent. Our research-based talent review process helps your firm understand whether it has the talent needed for the future, then implement individual development and recruitment plans to fill the gaps.

Attracting, hiring and retaining top talent

Talent is one of the chief influences on a private equity firm’s performance, whether it’s a deal team evaluating a potential investment or a management team at one of the firm’s portfolio companies. Regardless of the situation, the relentless pace of private equity means the tendency of top talent to defect to other firms is a risk in recruitment. Another challenge is trying to retrain and reskill existing talent at portfolio companies, particularly those undergoing digital transformation.   

We help you gain access to top talent. Our private equity consultants are deeply experienced in capital markets and strategically located in hotbeds of venture capital activity. We combine this industry expertise with practical know-how and scientific research to help you recruit skilled professionals at all levels. 

Attracting and retaining diverse talent

People of color and women are perennially underrepresented on private equity boards and in their leadership hierarchy. And the lack of diversity and inclusion perpetuates itself, as these firms typically look for new leaders within their existing ranks. The failure to proactively address the lack of diversity can be a significant inhibitor of growth.  

We work with your firm to eradicate stereotypes and biases, both conscious and unconscious, from the workplace. For example, we use data-driven diagnostics to help you understand where your business is and how it can improve. Then we design learning journeys that teach employees inclusive practices. We also deliver high-impact career advancement programs for underrepresented talent segments that help build a diverse pipeline of future leaders. In sum, we help you build a more inclusive culture designed to win and retain top talent and unlock innovation and performance.

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