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Waves of transformation are rolling through the healthcare industry. Care delivery is evolving as well as how consumers engage with the industry. Healthcare providers are striving to deliver higher-quality care and outcomes while driving efficiencies—requiring integrated delivery systems and new organizational structures and strategies. As the flow of private healthcare capital, venture capital and similar investments surges, competition for high-value exits and other deals is intensifying. Consolidation among payers and providers and deepening public-private partnerships are attracting investment and regulatory attention while global healthcare reform efforts continue across the space.    

Healthcare organizations need structures, strategies and leaders capable of contending with and leading these disruptions—along with seizing the opportunities they present.

Our healthcare solutions are proven to drive results—whether you want to align your people and organization with your strategy, scale your healthcare organization for rapid growth, establish the job competencies and incentives for roles and positions, or create and assess an executive leadership pipeline. 

Where we can help

Whatever challenges you’re facing in the healthcare industry, we’re ready to advise with creative, effective and forward leaning solutions that will improve your consumer outcomes and business results. 

We helped hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery networks, academic health centers, managed care providers, health insurance firms and employed and private physician organizations, healthcare IT organizations and national and state healthcare associations to address challenges like these.

Recruiting, retaining and developing talent

Korn Ferry healthcare consultants help organizations map their talent strategy including supporting strategic workforce planning to support their business strategy. We then guide implementation, ensuring they have the right people in the right roles, engaged and enabled both now and in the future. 

Our healthcare consultants will help you select and hire the people you need—then show you the best way to compensate, develop, motivate and retain your talent. Candidates assessed and placed by our consultants have an average tenure of 7 years, nearly twice the industry norm of 4 years. 

Building a cost-efficient, effective organizational design and operating model

We offer end-to-end support for healthcare organizations to set a goal of lasting, meaningful business transformation. We help these organizations translate their business strategy into an operational imperative by aligning their tangible assets, people, structure and processes, with their intangible ones, their motivations, relationships and culture.    
As a result, you are able to  create malleable transformation strategies that flex with evolving markets and challenges and change communication programs that encourage employee buy-in. 

Driving results linked to strategic objectives

When healthcare organizations face unfamiliar problems and new opportunities, they turn to our healthcare consultants because of the depth of their knowledge of the healthcare industry and functional expertise. We use our insights and comprehensive roster of solutions to help healthcare organizations solve challenges that accompany the following initiatives: adjusting care delivery models, undertaking innovative joint ventures, providing population-based health initiatives, developing patient-centric healthcare, implementing healthcare information technology solutions and ensuring merger integrations.

Our solutions can help you improve patient and member outcomes while achieving value-driven results by aligning strategies, identifying risks, implementing change and ensuring effective business integration and transformation.

Creating an even more exceptional healthcare board

Korn Ferry healthcare consultants help healthcare for-profit and not-for-profit boards source and develop top leadership talent. We identify, assess, and develop directors for organizations across healthcare – from health systems, private equity, start-ups, medical groups and payers, to IT, medical device, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies. We find exceptional under-the-radar candidates who rarely show up in typical searches. These candidates can help to build momentum on diversity, clinical innovation, technology and finance.

Fortify and accelerate your board with our board services:

Board Performance: We help you to develop a talent-centric board with the knowledge, skill, and interpersonal style to drive home strategic imperatives and boost clinical and business performance. Prepare for the future with a solid board succession plan and board culture.

Board Recruitment: We identify board members who can weigh in on top healthcare priorities--from cyberthreats, ESG and equity, to reputation, ethics and innovation. Zero in on board chairs who will lead on strategy, image, workforce, compliance and finance.

Board Consultation: No matter what your board challenge, our healthcare consultants and advisory experts can help. Turn to us for Industry best practices and plans on CEO progression and succession, compensation, human capital, sustainable value, board effectiveness, crisis preparedness and meaningful succession alignment. We understand the nuances of governance in the healthcare arena and the proper alignment between the board and the C-suite.

Join forces with Korn Ferry to build a best-in-class, resilient, agile, and engaged board of the future. Contact us today.

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