Preparing aviation businesses to soar to new heights

In an industry wracked by change, including market consolidation, deregulation and privatization—not to mention the slimmest of profit margins—every advantage counts. But many aviation organizations are falling behind their peers and are plagued by a lack of diversity that stifles their growth. Businesses also often lack leaders capable of taking forward-thinking actions to manage a barrage of challenges from increasing competition to regulatory requirements.

Our consultants are civil aviation experts, with over 100 years of cumulative industry expertise across the aviation ecosystem. Collectively, we’ve handled thousands of executive searches for our aviation clients. We’ve played a key role in reshaping the top leadership teams of some of the largest airlines in the world. We’ve also helped launch a new generation of ultra-low-fare carriers in emerging markets. In short, we know every aspect of this industry from top to bottom and can bring our resources and cross-industry perspective to help you turn tomorrow’s turbulence into opportunities.

What we do

Our civil aviation practice helps our clients attract, organize, develop, retain, motivate and compensate their human capital so they can attract the next generation of aviation leadership and realize their business goals.

Adjusting to constant disruptions in the market requires an agile pipeline of leadership talent prepared to weather the storm. We work with you to assess the full spectrum of your talent-related needs.

Where we can help

Your results are what matters. We partner with you to continually evolve and optimize your workforce to reflect the changing needs of your business and the market. For example, we’ve helped our aviation clients address challenges like these.

Building a workforce capable of transformation

The aviation industry has been facing major and disruptive change for some time. With digital transformation, those changes have only accelerated. Organizations—from airlines, to airports and other aviation-service providers— that lack the skills and competencies required to adapt to the new normal will be left behind.

Our consultants work across all parts of the aviation ecosystem, providing your business with an integrated, multifaceted view of the industry and talent market. We help you assess your current talent to determine where gaps exist. We then guide your business to develop a talent profile that defines the skills and competencies needed to excel in in the future, so you can attract and recruit high-caliber people.

Building a talent pipeline capable of withstanding change

The pace of change is driving the need for new types of leaders. But leaders with the skill sets to navigate the complex challenges facing the aviation industry are difficult to find. 

With a truly global team in more than 100 countries and no more than two degrees of separation from the right talent, we can offer your business unrivaled access to top-flight senior-level executives. We offer access to the next generation of talent within the industry and skilled leaders outside the industry who have dealt with similar challenges and can inject new thinking and approaches. Our work ranges from recruiting your top executives all the way through to middle management and RPO to include pilots, mechanics and more.

Attracting, engaging, and retaining employees

Given the slim margins and stiff competition in the aviation industry, there’s a fierce war for human talent. Losing high-value talent to market rivals can be incredibly costly, so employers need a new flight plan for success.

Our aviation consultants can help you devise learning and development strategies that motivate and engage talent, and we also ensure your compensation and benefits structures fairly— and competitively—reward their human capital.

By ensuring that your organization can successfully attract, develop, retain, motivate and compensate human capital, we provide the tools you need to attract the next generation of aviation leadership.

Let us be part of your success story. Contact us and see how we can help you build the foundation for the future.

Let us be part of your success story

Contact us and see how our industry expertise can help you achieve your business goals.