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Technology never stops changing. New devices, new markets and new ways of doing business mean the software market doesn’t stand still. Established contenders in the market are fending off challenges from small, nimbler startups and need new ways to develop and deliver products and reach their market. 

For software and platform companies, the near-constant state of evolution and transition mean traditional leadership skill sets won’t pass muster. Though they may be “born digital,” companies also need to build a customer focused, diverse and agile talent pool that will understand new market opportunities and prepare them to succeed at the next level.

Our consultants, based in 40 countries around the globe, have helped more than 2,500 technology companies improve performance through unleashing the power of their talent. Our global team knows how to help companies attract, develop and retain the talent needed to execute their business strategies. We work with our clients to build smart solutions that help them apply new technologies, form cultures that foster success and establish a framework that enables them to optimize their talent resources to solve the challenges of the new digital era.

Where we can help

Your performance and results are what matters. We partner with you to continually evolve and optimize to reflect the changing needs of your business. We help our software clients address challenges like these.

Living the culture and purpose of your organization

While most executives agree that being a purpose driven organization is important to organizational performance, many believe their organization’s purpose and culture don’t align with its business strategies and don’t know how to close that gap.

Our consultants take a holistic approach to culture change. We can help you measure your current culture and define your ideal culture based on a data-driven diagnostic assessment, interviews and focus groups. Once we understand the culture that will drive your business strategy, we work with you to structure it and communicate it with your employees. We identify the levers that accelerate transformation, then design and roll out custom programs to engage talent, build new competencies and develop agile leadership models.

Embedding diversity and inclusion in your culture

Decision-making and overall performance improve when companies have a leadership team composed of people with different backgrounds, races and genders. But building a diverse bench of leadership talent isn’t as easy as hiring from underrepresented groups and offering diversity and inclusion training. There is no standard, one-size-fits-all blueprint for achieving diversity and inclusion in the software sector.

Our consultants realize that every company’s diversity and inclusion journey is different. We help you build a roadmap for change that starts with understanding what’s happening in your company, including conscious and unconscious biases. We explore what barriers exist for minority groups and unearth inequities in your employee experience. Then we work with you to shape a diversity, equity and inclusion strategy that builds a diverse talent pipeline, embeds more inclusive behaviors, and builds fair and equitable talent practices throughout your organization.

Accelerating revenue growth

Competition for customers is fierce and top line revenue growth expectations are demanding. Being customer centric requires even the best sales organizations to continually improve the structure and effectiveness of their sales networks.

We understand how to build a world-class sales organization that aligns with your business strategy and your market to help you reach your goals. Our Salesforce app, Korn Ferry Sell, helps you create a strategic selling process to win deals faster. It recommends the seller actions that will most improve the odds of winning a deal, gives sales managers visibility into opportunities so they can effectively coach sellers and shows sales leaders why they win or lose to help replicate success. We also work with you to develop sales leaders and set compensation and rewards structures that improve your seller engagement and retention.

Closing people and structural gaps after a merger or acquisition

Technology, and especially software-as-a-service and cloud deals, are dominating the merger and acquisition landscape. But half of mergers and acquisitions fail. That's often because the combining entities don’t have compatible corporate cultures or organizational structures. But whether a deal is successful usually comes down to these intangibles.

Our team can work with you to assess the leadership of an acquired organization, and help build a unifying culture and organizational structure that improves engagement and talent retention. We have the expertise, methodologies and technology to help you increase the odds of a successful transition. We find ways to bridge the cultural gaps between merging organizations. We help you learn how to design an organization with the right structures and roles to maximize synergies and chart a path towards growth.

Let us be part of your transformation journey and success story. Contact us and start transforming your organization today so you can thrive tomorrow.

Let us be part of your success story

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