What, where, when, who and how of the interim CEO

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With the speed of business today, every minute matters. This is even more pronounced when you have a vacancy at the top of your organization – specifically, the c-suite. More and more companies are turning to interim CEOs. These high-level interim executives can dive right in and give your executive team and board of directors breathing room while they find a CEO to permanently take charge.

Interim CEOs do more than keep a seat warm. Experienced interim leaders can:

  • Effect a fast transformation or turnaround
  • Buy time while you find a permanent replacement
  • Provide specialist expertise that’s currently lacking
  • Help with crisis management
  • Drive growth, cutbacks or closures
  • Implement a new project or strategy
  • Enter new markets
  • Bring an independent perspective to the table


Download the ebook to learn:

  • The typical profile of an Interim CEO
  • When organizations benefit from interim executives
  • Where to find an interim leader
  • How to set up interim leadership for success

Interim CEOs keep your business moving at the speed required. Time is of the essence and these key individuals provide leadership and ensure business continuity during change. Download the eBook to find out more.

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